Frequently Asked Questions

Booking a campervan is one of those things that naturally gives rise to queries, concerns and doubts. Which campervan is right for my vacation? Where can I drive and camp? Are there any kind of restrictions? What should I pack with me? So we’re here to put your mind at ease and we have compiled a list of everything you need to know to in order to book your road trip with Rolling Turtles. If you still can’t find the answer, you can always contact us and we will be happy to assist you further.

1. How can I check for prices and availability, receive an offer and book my Camper in an easy way?

You can easily anytime check for prices, availability and book your campervan online, through the booking engine on our 1st website’s homepage. Its only few steps: Choose the dates and the pick-up location. Then choose among the available campers, camping equipment and/or services. Pay securely, wait for booking confirmation and start dreaming! It’s very easy!

2. How old are the Motorhomes, Campervans and 4×4 Pickup campers? Are they reliable and safe to drive?

We are very proud for our fleet, which is the youngest campervan fleet in Greece! Our motorhomes are all registered in 2022 or later and campervans/pickup campers registered in 2020 or later. Therefore, they are extremely reliable and safe to drive!

3. Are your Motorhomes, Campervans manual or Automatic?

All of our 4×4 pickup campers have an AUTOMATIC gearbox. Motorhomes & campervans have a manual gearbox. For more information, please also check the information of each vehicle.

4. How many kilometers/miles can I drive with my Camper?

For all rentals within Greek Territory UNLIMITED KILOMETERS with FREE OF CHARGE apply. So, in this case drive as much as you like!

5. Can Rolling Turtles help me plan my road trip?

Rolling Turtles can assist you to plan your dream road trip. Just tell us where you want to go and what you are interested in and we will be happy to help you!

6. Do I need to go to a campsite to spend the night?

No, you do not need to spend the night in a campsite. Even if some European laws apply here too, wild camping is highly tolerated in Greece as long as you do not stay at the same place for long, disturb neighbors, make a fire, poses a bigger area than the camper etc. As we have in Greece more than 150 amazing Campsites, we recommend you to make a nice combination of wild camping and a great campsite just for regeneration issues.

7. Overnight Service – Use the Rolling Turtles Camperstop Services

With us, you can feel relaxed! You can stay overnight at our premises against a small fee & start your road trip adventure whenever you feel like!

8. Do you offer airport or city transfers for pick up and drop off?

Yes, we offer airport or city transfers during our pick up and drop off hours, against an extra fee. Just send us a message via the WHEELBASE Chat room, prior or after the Booking confirmation, and we will be there. Please consider following MEETING POINTS

Airport MEETING point: Opposite SOFITEL HOTEL Entrance, wait on the street. Just send us a message upon your arrival or call +302107006815 or Whats up (cell phone +306947181150) and we will be there to pick you up immediately.

Metro Station MEETING point: KOROPI Metro Station, wait on the street. Just send us a message upon your arrival or call +302107006815 or Whats up (cell phone +306947181150) and we will be there to pick you up immediately.

9. Communication with RT after Booking

Once booked, for any questions, please communicate with us only via the mail chat, in order for all our Rolling Team Colleagues to receive your message in time and prepare accordingly. (Our colleagues have no access to other communication apps like WhatsUp, Viber, Messenger, Facebook etc) and important information might get lost! So, please follow this important rule to be always aligned on the same page.

10. Can I also rent camping extra equipment from Rolling Turtles?

Of course! We have a wide range of first-class camping equipment (barbeque grills, tables & chairs, generators HONDA, etc.) and sports equipment (SUP, bicycles, E-Scooters, Hover boards, Bikes) which you can order online during the booking procedure of your preferred campervan to enjoy a perfect and comfortable road trip!

11. Where can I pick up and drop off my Camper?

You can only pick up and drop off your campervan at our rental location in Athens (very close to the airport).

12. What are the Pick-up and Drop off hours?

Holiday is about relaxation, happiness and peace of mind. So, don’t worry, no matter which Day you arrive, we will be there with a big sunny smile waiting for you 😊.

Our headquarters opening hours in Athens are Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 17:00, while
• STANDARD Pick Up ( FREE OF CHARGE ) is from MO – SA between 14:00 – 17:00.
• STANDARD Drop Off ( FREE OF CHARGE ) is from MO – SA between 09:00 – 10:30.

Sundays & public holidays is also possible upon availability and a fee of €39, which will be automatically charged by the Booking Engine in your reservation. In all cases for drop off and pick up, priority is based on prior rentals and a simple „1st comes 1st served “policy.

You may choose during the Booking Procedure a “Non – Standard” pick up or drop off time against an extra fee. Just select the exact pick up or drop off time that you wish during the online Booking Procedure. If there is availability the Booking Engine will automatically charge the fees. ATTENTION! If there is no charge by the Booking Engine for your selected Non-Standard hours, this means that there is NO availability. In this case you may simply pick up or drop off the camper within the STANDARD HOURS.

You may select a NON – STANDARD Pick Up upon availability, accordingly:
• 10:30 – 14:00 for a fee of €69
• 14.00 – 17.00 MO – SA (STANDARD / FREE OF CHARGE)

You may select a NON – STANDARD Drop Off upon availability, accordingly:
• 09.00 – 10.30 MO – SA (STANDARD / FREE OF CHARGE )
• 10:30 – 13:30 for a fee of €89
• after 13:30 there is a full day charge

13. How do I pay for my reservation?

For the RENTAL fee payment, you may send a WIRE TRANSFER of the total value to the following BANK ACCOUNT*, while mentioning the Renters Name/Surname and the Booking ID-Nr (p.e #1234567) . Please send the swift copy of the wire transfer immediately to, in order to receive a Booking Confirmation by our booking System. If not, the vehicle will be still available for others to rent on the Booking Engine and your booking will not be confirmed. Upon payment, it is always essential to receive a Booking Confirmation by our Booking System. As long as no Booking Confirmation is received, your “booking” is not valid/confirmed. In this case always immediately contact us at +30 2107006815.

ALTERNATIVELY, you can pay the RENTAL FEE by simply entering your CREDIT CARD during the on-line Booking Process to receive a Booking Confirmation. Upon receiving a Booking Confirmation, your reservation is booked and you may start dreaming…
For the SECURITY DEPOSIT you may enter the same or a different Credit Card. For the security deposit, payments in cash or wire transfers are not accepted.

Accepted Credit Cards are: Visa, MasterCard, American Express. Unaccepted Credit Cards are: Electron, Maestro, Diners, Discover, Prepaid and any other card not listed in the table above.

The rental fee and the security deposit shall be paid in full prior the pick-up date, according to the current AGB Terms & Conditions. There is no obligation whatsoever from the Owner to the Renter regarding a initially “confirmed” booking, as long as the full due payments are not received in time. In this case the booking will be automatically cancelled – on Renter’s responsibility according to the cancellation policy of the AGB Terms & Conditions – and the vehicle will be automatically offered as “available” by the booking engine.

*BANK ACCOUNT (please send a swift copy immediately to receive a Booking Confirmation)
IBAN: GR5201106690000066900411498

14. Is there a minimum rental period?

For the majority of our vehicles, the minimal rental period is 2 nights (with the exception of high season periods). Just select your vehicle, location and rental period of your choice and in case of a minimum rental period restriction you will get notified automatically from the booking engine.

15. What is the security deposit for?

The security deposit is due couple of days prior pick up and will be automatically pre-authorized via the Booking Engine on your declared credit card (same or different credit card than for the rental fee). It will be released automatically after drop off by the booking engine, if there are no damages, due payments etc. The security deposit is mandatory and can only be pre-authorized by a credit card via the Booking Engine. The Credit Card owner has to be either the Renter/Passenger and co/sign the Rental Agreement. In case the Renter hasn’t provided the security deposit as requested prior PICK UP the vehicle cannot be delivered. It is allowed to charge the Security Deposit on a different Credit Card than the rental fee. For more information’s, please read our AGBs Terms & conditions.

16. What is the service fee for?

The service fee includes the costs for unlimited kilometers, regular vehicle maintenance, vehicle detached camping gear maintenance, Standard third-party insurance coverage, proper and detailed vehicle introduction as well as 15 minutes demonstration handover upon pick up and drop off. It also includes a full water tank, gas tank, power cables and standard roadside assistance.

17. Can I modify my reservation if it is already confirmed?

Yes, you can upon availability! Just send us a message via the WHEELBASE Chat with the new booking date, and we will happy to check if we can rearrange your road trip, depending on availability. Please be aware that a rebooking is only possible for the whole initial booking days, or longer. Please also notice that you if want to rebook a 2nd time the same reservation, you will first need to cancel and then book again. If you want to stay longer on the road, please call us at least 3 days earlier before your initial last day, and we will also check availability and extend your journey and the due rental amounts written by email. For more information, please refer to our AGB Terms & Conditions.

18. Can I cancel my reservation?

If you need to cancel your reservation, please send us an email with your name, booking number and the dates of your reservation. We will then proceed with the cancellation according to our cancellation policy. For more information, please refer to our AGB Terms & Conditions.

19. What type of driving license do I need to rent a Camper?

If you are a European citizen, you need a normal valid driving license class B written in Latin Language. Non-European travelers are required to hold an international driving license. For further details please read our AGB Terms & Conditions.

20. What documents do I need to bring to collect my Camper?

You need to carry a valid suitable driver’s license, the passport and the credit card(s) you declared. The Renter, the 1st driver and the credit card holder must be present upon pick up and co-sign the rental agreement. If for any reason this isn’t possible, then a 2nd driver must be appointed and his credit card should be placed for all payments. The above documents are mandatory. For further details please read the AGB Terms and Conditions.

21. How old do I need to be in order to rent a Camper from Rolling Turtles?

For safety and insurance coverage reasons, you need to be between 27-69 years old and hold a driving license for at least 9 years to rent one of our campervans. In exceptional cases and upon the insurance confirmation, the required age may differ upon special additional Insurance Covers.

22. What if I arrive late for pick up (eg. delayed flight) or drop off?

As soon as you know that you are going to be late, just send us a message via the WHEELBASE Chat room to let all our colleagues immediately know the estimated time you will arrive for pick up or drop off. Please avoid calling or communicating via Whatsup, Viber or Phone call as important information might get lost. There is an extra fee for changing scheduled Pick up or Drop hour. For more information, please refer to our AGB Terms & Conditions.

23. What do I need to take care of before dropping off my Camper?

It is very simple! You shall return your camper in the same condition as you picked it up. Furthermore, don’t forget to have the fuel tank full with Diesel (SHELL V-Power Diesel or BP Ultimate Diesel to avoid VEHICLE STOP or Damage), empty grey water, empty black water and clean WC toilet (Cassete) properly, no garbage and clean/empty cooling box and inside the vehicle. For further details please read the AGB Terms and Conditions.

24. Flight Delay – Change of scheduled Pick Up or Drop Off time

Don’t worry, be happy 😊. In case there is a delay, cancelation or any kind of change with your flight or you wish to drop off your camper on a different time or day than scheduled in your reservation, please ALWAYS send asap a written message on the “WHEELBASE PRO” chat room, to organize accordingly.

25. Can I bring my pet “best friend” with my Camper?

Of course, you can bring your little friend with you! For allergic reasons, we have to undertake special antiallergic bio cleaning in the camper, after the drop off. Please select this “service” during the booking process “Take your best friend with you”. For more information, please refer to our AGB Terms & Conditions.

26. Can I travel with kids?

Yes, of course. We love kids & kids love to travel with a campervan, it is a great experience and an adventure!

27. How many people can drive my Camper?

Our insurance package covers automatically the 1st driver who is by default the Renter. However, if you wish, you can add up to 2 additional drivers, against an extra fee. Do not forget that each driver needs to have a valid at least 9 years old driver’s license and be between 27 and 65 years old. For more information, please refer to our AGB Terms & Conditions.

28. Is my Camper insured during the rental period & is the Insurance included in the price?

Yes, it is! This standard insurance coverage is already included in the Rental fee. According to the Greek legislation, all of our campers are automatically insured for thid party liability, in accordance with the applicable insurance conditions and the AGB Terms and Conditions. There is also a standard Roadside Assistance that is valid for the entire Greek territory. In case you wish to upgrade to other VOLLKASKO insurance policies, we offer various additional packages upon pick up.

29. What are the insurance coverage packages of a “Standard VOLLKASKO/3” and “Upgraded VOLLKASKO/6 myZEN” additionally offering?

Choose one of these two optional insurance coverage packages and stay cool! The “Standard VOLLKASKO/3” package offers additionally coverage for own damages from Accident /Collision, Fire & Additional driver. The “Upgraded VOLLKASKO/6 myZEN” is a piece of mind. It offers coverage for own vehicle damages, Fire, Theft, additional driver, Glass and Extended Road Assistance. Both of these additional insurance packages are offered upon pick up on the stations. Please ask our stuff upon arrival. For more details, please check the AGB Terms and Conditions.

30. Does the insurance cover my personal items?

No, the provided insurance does not cover your personal items. Please, take all your valuables with you. But many credit card companies offer this kind of service so please contact them.

31. What is the standard equipment of my Camper?

We have many different campers available with different equipment. You can check the standard equipment of any Camper you like on our homepage. You can also order additional camping or sporting equipment during your online booking.

32. Do you offer one-way /relocation rentals?

Yes, we do upon request, availability and an extra fee. You may pick up your camper in Thessaloniki & drop Off in Athens or vise-versa. The fee covers the driver’s salary, rental time, fuels, air tickets, vehicles relocation transport, etc.

33. Do you offer discounts/promotions?

Yes, we are happy to offer discounts! For example, there are discounts for long term rentals or early bird bookings etc. All of our discounts are posted from time to time on our website. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated about our promos and deals and be the 1st to know!

34. How can I cancel* for FREE my booking during an active promotion or special offer?

During only a special offer/running promotional activity you may cancel your “special offer booking” against a voucher with a validity of 6 Months! Just change the dates in your booking according to the AGB Terms and that’s it! Stay flexible and enjoy this piece of mind booking opportunity & travel whenever you wish.

35. What happens in case our camper has suffered damages or accident by the previous Renter?

Do not worry, we have you almost always covered, as we have more than 25 campers available. In case the camper you rented has damages from the previous rental, we do everything possible to fix it and deliver it to you on time p.e in cases of missing spare parts we repair the camper on a provisional but safe way (p.e we cancel the opening function of a window and we fix it in place) so you can start immediately your road trip adventure. In severe cases however and if the vehicle is not suitable or safe to drive, we offer you another camper without charge! And in case the new camper we offer you is of lower price category than your reservation, we refund you with the price difference. Our main and only goal always is, that you start your road trip in Greece as scheduled. For more details, please refer to our AGB Terms and conditions.

36. Is Ship Transfer of the Camper with FERRY BOAT to the Greek islands allowed?

Yes, it is! The transport of VW Campervans and ISUZU 4×4 Pickup campers by ship is allowed to all the Greek islands against an extra fee and for the Ferry Insurance Coverage. For the Motorhomes, ship transport is only to CRETE ISLAND allowed under the same conditions as above. Stay even more protected with a piece of mind by acquiring upon pick up the VOLLKASKO/6my Zen” insurance package coverage “. For more details, please refer to our AGB Terms and conditions.

37. Booking through a Platform like CAMPANDA, CAMPERDAYS, YESCAPA etc.

In case you initially booked a camper through one of the web platforms available like p.e CAMPANDA, CAMPERDAYS, YESCAPA etc, you are more than welcome! However, please be aware that some of the Terms & Conditions between us & platform may differ p.e the pick-up time or drop off time. Make sure, that upon contacting us, you read our AGB Terms & Conditions which exclusively apply, even you initially booked in the platforms. For more details, please refer to our AGB Terms and conditions.

38. How am I protected from the Covid-19 disease?

The Coronavirus crisis has affected the whole planet. Rolling Turtles is offering campers in Greece, which is currently one of the countries with a very low case and death rate. For more details, please check the official Johns Hopkins statistics website. Given the circumstances, we hope that Greece will be available soon to travel to and spend your vacations. As we are still learning each day from the WHO and the ministries of each country how to live with this new situation, we have updated our cleaning policy for our own’s and our customers’ safety. For protection reasons due to the Coronavirus we decided to disinfect and clean each vehicle inside out by ourselves after dropped off from each renter. The rules regarding the garbage and the fridge and toilet/wc still apply. We added more ways to be protected by Covid-19, during our booking process:
Before the actual cleaning we first disinfect with special cleansers the whole vehicle inside out, as well as any rented extra equipment, wearing a protective suit inclusive mask and gloves. We give extra attention to the surfaces all people touch, such as door handles, the wheel, window openers, etc. In this way we can control that no virus contact can be established between the travelers, or ourselves. After the disinfection we throw away the used suit, mask and gloves in a closed bag. After the disinfection we start with the normal cleaning of the vehicle, inside out. At this step our stuff still wears a protection mask and gloves, but no protective suit. All the procedure during pick up and drop off, between our staff and the renters, is now contactless, to avoid spreading of the coronavirus, while all our staff is keeping the suggested safety distance of 2 meters. Any vehicle introduction needed is now provided with videos sent to renters before their reservation.

39. Do you also offer Campers for Sale?

Of course! Our company is a representative of leading European manufacturers and offers from time-to-time great deals of various types of Motorhomes, Campers etc. We also offer for sale our used vehicles at regular intervals – as well as our used camping and sporting equipment – so stay tuned and subscribe to our Newsletter to be always up to date for our great offers!

40. What should I do in case of an accident or damage?

We all hope that it won’t come to that, but just to be prepared: In all vehicle there is a DIN-A4 instruction manual. Please read it carefully prior driving and follow the instructions. In case of damage, please contact us via phone at +302107006815, inform us about what happened and send us photos and any additional information at . Always call the police and the insurance company and make a protocol incl. sketch upon their arrival, which you please send us afterwards. You can find a draft within the vehicle documents. Look for any witnesses and keep a note of their contact info. Never leave the accident area without taking all above measures. We will take care of the insurance/road assistance and inform them about the circumstances, if you need to be picked up, for example.

41. Is smoking allowed in the Camper?

Smoking is strictly forbidden in all of our vehicles. For more information, please refer to our AGB Terms & Conditions.

42. Can I drive with my Campervan abroad?

Unfortunately, not yet, but we are trying our best to offer this option soon.

43. During WINTER TIME are there some special requirements or guidelines in order to rent & use a camper safely?

YES, definitely. In Greece, it is MANDATORY by the Greek Legislation and the POLICE – for the period starting 01/10 until 01/05 – to either have special WINTER TYRES/SNOW TYRES with the special symbol “M+S” on your vehicle or alternatively carry and install immediately complex SNOW CHAINS in case of tough weather conditions like snow or ice. This is very often the case during the winter time in Greece, so as a matter of fact its not just another obligation but a real fact which need to be addressed with great professionalism for your own safety. As you may know, it is extremely complicated to apply properly complex SNOW CHAINS, especially in difficult weather conditions with ice, snow and extremely low temperatures. For this reason and for your safety and comfort, if you rent a camper from 01/10 until 01/05 with us, SPECIAL WINTER TIRES will be applied to your vehicle by default automatically prior pick up. This is a mandatory service against a small fee, which will be charged automatically into your reservation by the Booking Engine, if your pick up and drop off time are during the above period.

It might be very difficult and dangerous to rent a camper in the cold winter season, if you don’t strictly follow our instructions. The climate conditions and the icy roads are extremely dangerous conditions to drive such a Heavy & Big Vehicle of (3,5-4,0 Tones) and especially if you don’t have experience. During Winter Time (starting from 01 October until 01 May), there are following important restrictions which must be strictly followed. Following instructions must be followed very strictly. The Owner has NO RESPONSIBILITY in case of any accidents, vehicle damages, battery or heating damages/malfunctions, gas or fuels capacity etc. in case the instructions are not followed strictly and charges/fees may occur.

• always have with you a GENERATOR >2,5KVa & enough GASOLINE (min. 20 lt 100 Oct./Super). In case you cannot provide one, the Owner may supply one for Rental, as long as availability (please request one upon vehicle reservation)
• The camper is a very Heavy Vehicle. Therefore, it is FORBIDDEN to drive on ICE or SNOW
• It is FORBIDDEN to drive in/out SKI RESORTS after 12.00 AM, as the snow may free (Glatice) and will soon get dark.
• Please ALWAYS upon your arrival & while you are Inside the camper (during your presence) IMMEDIATELY
   – Connect with Cable to Main 230V Power Supply Socket
   – Or alternatively run the GENERATOR
• Always keep Temperature Inside the camper > 10 ⁰ Celsius at ALL TIMES
• While operating the TRUME Heating System min. > SCALE 1 at ALL TIMES (also during your absence)
• While you are in the Camper (during your presence only) keep the Heating System max. < SCALE 4 . DO NOT put it in a higher scale as you may run out of GAS or BATTERY
• If it’s snowing and you realize that there the SOLAR PANEL on the Roof is covered with SNOW, please find a way to REMOVE SNOW immediately, so that the SOLAR PANEL may function and charge the Battery.
• In case of Battery Indication < 12,0 Volt on the Electric Panel then please immediately
   – Connect with Cable to Main 230V Power Supply Socket
   – Alternatively Start the HONDA GENERATOR
   – If NO Generator Start the Motor & Drive min. 2 hour. (It is forbidden to run the Motor engine without Driving the Vehicle)

44. What is the Cancellation Policy for RV Storage / Parking services?

In this case of cancellation the following fees are due:
10% of the reservation amount if you cancel the latest until 360 days before arrival date,
50% of the reservation amount if you cancel between the 359th and the 180th day before arrival date,
75% of the reservation amount if you cancel between the 179th and the 90th day before arrival date,
85% of the reservation amount if you cancel between the 89th and the 30th day before arrival date,
100% of the reservation amount if you cancel after the 29th day before arrival date.

45. What is the Cancellation Policy for Camperstop services?

10% of the reservation amount if you cancel the latest until 180 days before arrival date,
50% of the reservation amount if you cancel between the 179th and the 90th day before arrival date,
75% of the reservation amount if you cancel between the 89th and the 60th day before arrival date,
85% of the reservation amount if you cancel between the 59th and the 30th day before arrival date,
100% of the reservation amount it you cancel after the 29th day before arrival date.

46. Do you offer Postal Services to receive post at RT premises? What is Postal Address ?

Yes, of course we offer postal services for our customers. No matter where you are currently, we will collect your post and keep it safe for you until you reach our RT premises.
As our Camperstop is located in the country side, we offer a Postal Address of ACS COURIER close by to receive your post.
So, in case you wish to receive post or small packages, please give following address to the Sender

Souniou Avenue Nr. 54
Postal Code 19003
Markopoulo Mesogaias
Tel: +306947181150

Once your post arrives, we pick it up and deliver it to your hands directly at our premises. Easy & Safe with no complications !
For this service we charge 15 euros/item. (for items up to 2 kg & shorter than 20 cm).

47. Washing Machine & Tumble Dryer – How to operate and what are the Opening Hours ?

Its very simple. Just ask us to provide you with some MIELE COINS during our opening hours from MO-SA 09:30 until 14.00.
Then enter these MIELE COINS into the washing machine and/or tumble dryer, which is accessible 24/7.