Off-Road touring in Kastoria

Adventure routes in authentic, untouched by mass tourism, mainland Greece. Based in the unique Kastoria, routes through green mountain landscapes on Mount Vitsi to the lakeside area of Prespa with the small fishing villages that keep the tradition alive.

Exploration trip in the mountains of Southern Greece

Overland trip for those looking for adventure in the hidden and unknown mountainous Greece. Tour of the mountain range of South Pindos, in 4×4 inaccessible routes and forest roads, embracing iconic mountains and forests, where the only good they have in abundance is the wild beauty of their landscapes.

Off-Road guided expedition to Evritania, lake Plastira & Meteora

Exploration trip to the forests and rivers of Evritania, the lake in the arms of the Sleeping Beauty of Agrafa and the out-of-this-world stone rocks of Meteora. Off-Road routes to the rivers, mountains, forests, peaks and lakes of Central Greece with the authentic traditional villages, the historic cloisters and the unique hospitality of the locals.

Off-Road exploration trip in the mountain range of Pindos

An unforgettable adventurous experience that starts from the southern mountains of Pindos till the protected area of Epirus, on a route surrounded by fir trees, ideal for the 4WD fans with streaming rivers, canyons, historical monuments, monasteries, traditional bridges and stone houses, all combined to experience a magical journey with notable ecological and cultural points of interest and remarkable architecture, history and gastronomy.

Adventure tour of the mountains and lakes of the Northern Peloponnese

A trip with off-road routes to the mountains of Helmos and Ziria, as well as the lakes of the Northern Peloponnese, including a camp in alpine meadows and forests. An adventure in a place with a rich history, picturesque isolated villages, hospitable inhabitants and traditional local products.

Full day Off-Road experience on the paths of Mount Parnes

Full day Off-Road experience on the paths of Mount Parnes Dates This excursion is an one-day tour and can take place anytime upon request. Please contact us for further details and availability check. Pricing 4×4 Off-Road ISUZU with ALU-CAB camping equipment (Off-Road Tour)335€/day/person, for min. 2 people260€/day/person, for 3 people225€/day/person, for 4 people185€/day/person, as passenger […]

A unique off-road experience in Evia Island

Enjoy a 4WD Experience like a local with our 4×4 vehicles. Feel the adrenalin pumping in your blood by living the adventure of a small “Camel Trophy” like experience in the dense forests, muddy trails, rivers, streams and canyons of Euboea.

Roundabout of Peloponnese with 4×4 scouted routes

The Mythology and folklore till the history of modern Greece in a Journey to biodiversity and the nature of the Peloponnese. Come along the paths of Pausanias to explore the history of the Peloponnese, a 2500-year-old site, driving a 4×4 vehicle on off-road routes.

Off-Road excursion Macedonia & Pindos

Exploration trip to the protected area of Epirus with its significant ecological and cultural characteristics. Route through the most beautiful areas of West Macedonia and the National forest of Valia Kalda and Vikos and marvel at the natural beauty of Pindos and the lakes of Aoos, Ioannina and Prespes. Explore the traditional villages of Metsovo and Zagorochoria with the graphic stone bridges and stone houses. Off-Road routes to the rivers, the mountains, the forests, the peaks and the lakes of northern Greece with the authentic traditional villages of Metsovo and Zagorohoria, the stone bridges, the picturesque towns of Ioannina and Kastoria and we get known the hospitable inhabitants and the special local gastronomy of Pindos and Macedonia.

Off-Road Touring Tzoumerka Pindos

Intense terrain and variety of landscapes. The inland of Greece reveals its genuine charm. Continental Greece, with its unique terrain and landscape alternating, offers unique experiences of nature, culture and action.