View from the ruins of Mystras Mainland Greece Road Trip – 10 Days

Get ready for gorgeous views and a healthy dose of history on this 10-day tour of Athens and the Peloponnese. You’ll learn about ancient Greek mythology at the Acropolis, visit the home of Helen of Troy, and see where the Olympics were born. Along the way, you’ll sample wines at the vineyards of Nemea, explore […]

Greece Travel Guide: Suggested Reading

    The Iliad, by Homer A story of men and gods, Homer’s epic poem conveys the horror and heroism of the Trojan War before moving into its heart-wrenching, tragic conclusion. The translated version by classicist Robert Fagles is a beautiful rendition of this story. Just take a second to appreciate the fact that this […]

Travel To Greece – Our Camper Van Trips

My wife and I often travel to Greece in our camper van and explore one of the most beautiful Mediterranean countries at our own pace. The rough and diverse landscape, the secluded beaches, the emerald sea,  tavernas with excellent Greek food, the locals, Greek language and their music attract us like a couple of moths […]


Welcome to Greece, home of Hercules, Moussaka and the very first Olympics. Whilst the Grecians of old might be concerned with winning the ‘rat race’, (we’re making a tenuous link between sport and alternative living here, just roll with it) we’re about to meet two digital nomads who have conquered their own personal Mount Olympus […]